☆Thank You Very Much☆

In regards to my ☆question☆
there were a lot of comments
Thank you very much!

I asked everyone
If they were able to answer...
What are my favorite types of songs...

While I read your comments, it made me glad!
I was really going to update quicker with a
"Thank you!" I thought, but you know...

Then... "People who haven't yet written comments, might comment afterwards!"
When I thought th~at
I didn't want to waste my feelings before everyone had a chance (*´∇`*)

It was really delightful☆
Thank you so much☆

From everyone,
'Ballads' were a popular opinon
It was the most often suggested answer~♪

Ballads are also my favorite kind because they're so beautiful (*^^*)

After that... jazz or latin, spring or graduation theme songs, and others...
Everyone's opinion
I carefully considered each of them m(__)m

So now we finished
I hope you all had fun♪

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