☆Body care☆

Today, I think,
is a day for body care

I bought some books at Book Off

and I took a bath with bath salts & scented oils...

I read one of the volumes of the one of the books I bought
while I drank some water
And then I slowly got into the bath (*^^*)

It was so much like a sauna
that I was sweating quite a bit!

When it gets cold out,
Your metabolism goes down
and it gets easy to put on weight
because toxins accumulate in your body
so these baths are important for your body!

Get rid of stress with a massage & stretch!

The rolling thing in the picture
massages and it feels
really good (*´∇`*)

Around this time,
when it's cold, it's easy to not take care of yourself...
Everyone too,
you should take care of your bodies☆

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