Yesterday's London Hearts☆

Yesterday's London Hearts
Did you see it?

I did of course!
I watched it right when it started (●^o^●)

Afterall, the melody workshop
is really great!!!

Hapyppypy~♪ Hapyppypy~♪

I'm spinning round and around (lol)

Because I too have made music...

"Ah~, 50TA-san how do you make such a tune..."
I said...
Because I can't see the overall composition of that person
I began to study more☆

That live was very-very fun
I wanted to go~♪

So! Me too,
I will study composition (^_-)

[Translating notes: I am pretty sure I got some of this stuff wrong, specifically around the 50TA-san area. Sorry!]

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