At Last the Final (*^^*)

It's finally WBC time!!!!!
It's the deciding game (*^^*)

We've faced the opponent 4 times

Kemeko is very excited~♪

In the past 4 games with Korea
the results have been 2 wins, 2 losses.

Today's game
will really be
the final decision!

I hope we can win without fail (>人<)

Yesterday's game
gave me a really good feeling.

Today's game
Samurai JAPAN
will not fail☆
Let's go~Japan!!!!!


I'd like to share my feelings
with everyone!

Even though I haven't seen a few games since I was at work,
Kemeko with her utmost effort
supports Japan
even when resting or at work.
So do your best (^_-)

By the way...
Today's WBC partner is

☆Kabuki You☆ (lol)

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