Yesterday's Hello Ten Party♪

Yesterday's Hello Ten Party

Yesterday we were causing a lot of commotion
So I couldn't get the pictures up until now~

Rika Ishikawa-chan
Hitomi Yoshizawa-chan
Tsuji Nozomi-chan

☆Some of my favorite companions☆
The three 4th generation members
It's been so long
since we've been active together...
It's kinda cool that
they're the cute juniors (-^□^-)
Doing this, it's almost like the four of us
shine a little bit in the picture...
I was so close
that I could feel the pulse
from Yosshii's neck (lol)

Asami Konno-chan
Makoto Ogawa-chan

It's the 5th generation members
I took a picture with the 2 of them!
I used to feel like Konkon was a little girl
but she's become a beautiful woman,
I think.
Makkochan is the kind of person
who will always be a playful kid ( ´艸`)
The juniors are cute♪

First generation senior
Kaori Iida-chan o(^▽^)o

When I first joined Hello! Project,
Morning Musume's founding members...
I felt like I was included and appreciated.
First generation members,
thank you...☆

but not least ☆Mari Yaguchi☆

With Yaguchi,
together, we could get
over anything
She's been my best partner
for the longest time (o^-')b

If Yaguchi hadn't been there,
there were a lot of things
that I couldn't have done alone.
When we become old grandmas
we'll probably still be laughing together
sitting on the veranda (lol)

Hello! Project
has been like a family to me.

Graduating from it,
it feels kind of lonely,
but it's not the end
Because I'm going to make a new start.
Yesterday's event
I didn't cry
and I could end the day with a smiling face.
I'm glad o(^▽^)o

Hello! Project's Kei Yasuda
might be officially graduating
on March 31st
but yesterday
was the last event...

We've always walked together.
It was really nice
being able to say "thank you"
to all of the fans
for the last time☆

For loving us, and support us,
Thank you so much.
There has been 11 years of memories,
and again with everyone,
I'd like to make a new collection
of memories (*^▽^*)

Truly, truly,
thank you very much!!!!!
And now,
from now on, without changing,
I ask for your support ☆

Ah~ you know..

This blog really is great after all♪
I can't convey my feelings at events
but with this, I can!

Writing in this blog
it's been really good ~ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
I'm thankful for Ameblo!

From now on via my blog
If everyone shares their stories with me
It'd be really nice☆

Ok, ok
Keme's done ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

PS ・ Thanks for reading such a long entry


  1. Awww~ ^^

    Though, based off of things they've said in the past, 1st gen so did not welcome 2nd with open arms. XD

  2. Keme-chan so cute XDDD

    The 4th gen always liked to hang out with the 2nd gen XDD

    I think the previous gens never welcomed the new gens... that's is more than obvious XDD

  3. Yeah, pretty sure she's lying about that too, but it sounds good, right? haha