☆Lyric Notebook☆

Look look~~~ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Isn't it cute?

From Juicy Couture,

a lockable notebook (≧▽≦)

To be honest...

I think

Maybe you use it as a diary, but

I use it as my lyric note book☆

With that...

I can't write

that many poems (lol)

The composition is difficult~

This time of year I always feel like revising...

When I go back and read it

It seems I have written

a lot of the same stuff...

I want to just about cover my eyes

The things I wrote about

make me shy (;´▽`A``


It's really embarrassing (/ω\)

From now on, I'll go at my own pace...

In my favorite note book

I'll write all my favorite words

I think I want to go write some stuff now☆

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