Tea time♪

Today's tea time

I bought a cake from

With this one
it was 680 yen!

It's a little bit of a luxury I think but... (^_^;)

I wanted to eat it♪
So good~(≧▽≦)/

Eating sweet things time to time
is good☆

In elementary school
after I would finish running in a marathon

I would eat soup
that I made with my mother!

When I went to elementary school
It was like this every year...

I didn't have sweet things

I didn't really like eating soup
on marathon day
I felt a bit gloomy (lol)

So now, sweet things are good sometimes (#^.^#) is what I have become to think...

From time to time I loved to eat
cakes and chips as a kid.

But since becoming an adult I think my tastes are changing...

While I was thinking about these things
I got some yummy cake!

It was delicious~(*^^*)

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