Woof-chan's Words.

Recently, Princess Pearl
has been more talkative (*^^*)

Maybe she's desperately wants to tell me something...

I dunno ┐(´~`;)┌

In the past...
Woof-chan's words
were translated by a machine

I attached something to the dog treats
when we were at my family's house.

"You understand
what Woof-chan is saying?"
What's so interesting
when you see the family...

A dog treat-woof! she would say, and since I could see the machine

"Play with me~♪"
says the indicator.

"Wow~ (*^o^*)," everyone would say with excitement!!!!

My enthusiastic dad
"Okay! Dog treats and playing (*^∇^*)"
whenever she was near...

Only one more treat

When I look at the indicator...

"Don't come near me!"

( ̄~ ̄)ξ

Ever since...
maybe I've understood too much
of what the dog was saying?
Tha~t's what I think.
That's Kemeko for you (lol)

[Translator's note: So this post was kind of confusing, and I'm pretty sure I got some parts wrong. But I think the idea of it is there.]

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