Seriously Delicious Rayu (≧ε≦)

I received this
from a friend!!!

From Saikan Wong-san in Kyoto

is no ordinary rayu!

Unless you go to the store in Kyoto,
you can not get valuable ones like this...


I like eating it directly on top of rice (^-^)b


Kemeko's such a glutton... I tried it immidiately!

Such a good feeling (●^o^●)

And still!
I was suprised when I ate it↑↑↑

It was really so delicious
with the rice.

Before this rayu
isn't sold anymore in Kyoto
I recomend getting some if you have the chance~(#^.^#)

It's really good!
I became a fan.

Thank you
very much
for this valuable rayu (*^^*)

Since I don't want to waste it, I'll eat it sparingly~ (^0_0^)

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